Behind the Wallet

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What’s in my wallet? Well, you get right to the point now don’t you? Let’s start with the exterior. It’s pink (surprised?) a bubble gum, barbie-like, catch your eye at first glance, hot pink wallet. What does this have to do with anything? Well, it represents a girl (spoiler alert- it’s me!) who loves fashion but honestly, can we talk about the price tags? They really don’t cater to your average, post college, twenty-something, woman on a budget.

Can I get an AMEN?!

Real talk- my career does not cater to the #spendwhatyoudonthave cover of a magazine lifestyle and honestly, I’m ok with it! More than ok actually. What’s in my wallet does not define me and I think that rings true with more freedom than we like to admit! Now, would I be ok with a couple extra bucks a month to do some shopping? Absolutely! But that’s besides the point. I have learned over the last four years of working in ministry, that the ability to say “no” has been a life-giving discipline and God has walked with me through it. My material items do not define my worth, but that doesn’t mean I have to completely discard who I am! I want to encourage and empower women to love themselves (no matter what!) and to feel confident in the way they dress without the guilt or sting from spending an entire paycheck on clothes and accessories. Let’s be real- we do need to eat once in a while. Ladies, together we can reach deep down into the depths of our soul and let that lion (you know, your inner confidence) roar.

So, who wants to go shopping?


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4 thoughts on “Behind the Wallet

  1. Wow Lauren, it’s as if your childhood was spent with Ana and myself in the dressing rooms of stores, we had no intention of actually buying in. We’d take in items we’d like to see each other in, and actually put on “fashion shows”, complete with narration. Your description and style of “narrating” reminded me so much of what we did..adding the sizes,colors and care(machine or hand wash)….sooo much fun! The little girl had no idea that these items could (we couldnt) be purchased, HA! …and yes for a growing girl,one of five, consignment stores were great,…and there was one that actually would call us, knowing Ana’s sizes, and that I’d probably love what they just got in!


    1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing! I love that you and Ana would have a fashion show in the dressing room. That’s awesome!! Consignment stores are definitely the best. So cool that they would call you 🙂 Miss you!


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