Merry and Bright! My Christmas Life and Style Update

Merry and Bright! My Christmas Life and Style Update


Hi friends! Wow, can you believe Christmas is seriously 3 days away? As 2016 comes to an end, I want to give you an update on well, life! I have done a TON of reflecting over the past few weeks. This year has been hard, for sure. Moving across the country, starting fresh in a new city on a new coast. Man, it’s challenging to be the new person EVERYWHERE, all.the.time. I still use my GPS to get to the grocery store which means that I still have absolutely no idea where I am or what I’m doing half the time. Blogging has helped me to have more of a rhythm. It has been so life-giving and has provided familiarity and fun in a really difficult season. As if life on another coast wasn’t different enough, this year, Christmas will feel different too! We are far away from our friends and family for the first time ever. Thankfully, Greg’s family will be flying into San Diego late on Christmas Eve to spend a week with us! We are so excited and thankful to have a piece of home on the west coast for Christmas! Let me just say, Christmas in a 600 sq. ft. apartment is going to be quite the experience. I can already imagine the fun stories and memories we will have to share!

Now, lets get right to the outfit!


snapseed-83I’m in love with this headband. Can you blame me? I randomly stumbled on the Etsy Shop, Jocelovely, back in April and it was love at first sight. I love the patterns, the look, everything! She even makes matching headbands for little girls! I have a pink headband with pineapples that I purchased in the spring and I wear it all the time. Each headband has a wire sewed into the fabric which allows the headband to keep it’s shape! Perfection.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my alert on Target’s decision to mark down all boots for one day only to offer 50% off ALL boots. Naturally, I jumped on that in seconds (thanks to my friend on the east coast who promptly alerted me at 6am PST). I had my eye on these cuties for months but couldn’t pay full price for them so when I saw they were marked down to $17, I did a little dance and threw those babies right in my online shopping cart. YES PLEASE.

I love how versatile these boots are! They can dress up any pair of jeans or leggings and they look super cute with tights and a dress. Did I mention they are ridiculously comfortable? The perfect day to night shoe! I ordered a 6.5 (I’m usually a 6.5/7) and they fit perfectly! I will say, the shoes are a bit narrow at the toes so if you have wider feet, I would recommend sizing up one size. These boots also come in grey but for some reason they are basically sold out everywhere (Target, you are DESTROYING me inside by not taking them off the website). If anyone sees these boots in grey in a 6.5 please buy them. I will pay you 😉

snapseed-85Can we talk about the tights? I hate the thin, flimsy tights that pull immediately after I put them on. I always find at least 5 holes by the time I’m done wearing them so when I found these tights at Target, I set the bar pretty low. Wow, was I surprised! These tights are waaaaay thicker than traditional sheer tights and they didn’t pull, run, or have any holes after wearing them for a few hours! Way to go, Target, way to go.


Headband | Similar Dresses under $35 herehere and here | Boots | Tights

What I’m Making For Christmas

Found on Pinterest!

If you know me, you know that cooking is not my thing but baking? YEP, I get into it. I freaking love baking and Christmas is no exception!

Saturday (Christmas Eve) is baking day at the Szuman home (I really mean me taking on this baking challenge) and I am PUMPED about the cookie recipes I found on Pinterest this week! You need to check these out!

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies – I didn’t even know this but apparently there are very few recipes that provide instructions on how to make red velvet cookies from scratch. Most recipes call for red velvet cake mix! Well, this recipe is yes, from scratch and sounds heavenly! Also, you caught me. Red velvet cookies are just the best because they are red. How much more festive can you get, right?

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Glaze – Four words. Maple. cream. cheese. glaze. WHAT. YES. GIMME. The glaze totally sold me. The recipe is so simple and OK wow my mouth is watering just thinking about these cookies. There is just something about cinnamon and oatmeal at this time of year. Doesn’t it sound cozy and warm and festive?! I love it.

Oh, let me be clear. I get into wine like I get into baking. Sangria is my jam. I found this sangria recipe when I was searching for Christmas treats and obviously I pinned it in 3 seconds flat.

Christmas Sangria – This sounds AMAZING. Red wine, Apple cider, cranberries, the list goes on! I seriously cannot wait to make this. Something tells me it will be a hit this year 😉

and finally…

My Favorite Christmas Tunes

I LOVE Christmas music. What better way to count down to Christmas than to share the cheer with some of my favorite Christmas albums and playlists?! Here we go…

  • New discovery: Lauren Daigle-Behold (um, for real though, her voice is an ANGEL)
  • FAVE childhood album: Hanson-Snowed In. If you’re judging this choice, well FINE but you are totally missing out.
  • My all time favorite: Natalie Grant-Believe (how can you NOT dance to her version of ‘Joy to the World?’)
  • Spotify playlists: A Cappella Christmas (love me some Pentatonix) and Christmas Classics!

Be sure to follow me on instagram @polishedonapenny! I will be posting more about my week with my awesome in-laws on my insta-story so stay tuned for our adventures around San Diego!

What do you want to see on the blog in 2017?! Leave your suggestions in the comments below or shoot me an email at!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fashionistas!

xx Lauren


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