Merry and Bright! My Christmas Life and Style Update

Merry and Bright! My Christmas Life and Style Update


Hi friends! Wow, can you believe Christmas is seriously 3 days away? As 2016 comes to an end, I want to give you an update on well, life! I have done a TON of reflecting over the past few weeks. This year has been hard, for sure. Moving across the country, starting fresh in a new city on a new coast. Man, it’s challenging to be the new person EVERYWHERE, all.the.time. I still use my GPS to get to the grocery store which means that I still have absolutely no idea where I am or what I’m doing half the time. Blogging has helped me to have more of a rhythm. It has been so life-giving and has provided familiarity and fun in a really difficult season. As if life on another coast wasn’t different enough, this year, Christmas will feel different too! We are far away from our friends and family for the first time ever. Thankfully, Greg’s family will be flying into San Diego late on Christmas Eve to spend a week with us! We are so excited and thankful to have a piece of home on the west coast for Christmas! Let me just say, Christmas in a 600 sq. ft. apartment is going to be quite the experience. I can already imagine the fun stories and memories we will have to share!

Now, lets get right to the outfit!


snapseed-83I’m in love with this headband. Can you blame me? I randomly stumbled on the Etsy Shop, Jocelovely, back in April and it was love at first sight. I love the patterns, the look, everything! She even makes matching headbands for little girls! I have a pink headband with pineapples that I purchased in the spring and I wear it all the time. Each headband has a wire sewed into the fabric which allows the headband to keep it’s shape! Perfection.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my alert on Target’s decision to mark down all boots for one day only to offer 50% off ALL boots. Naturally, I jumped on that in seconds (thanks to my friend on the east coast who promptly alerted me at 6am PST). I had my eye on these cuties for months but couldn’t pay full price for them so when I saw they were marked down to $17, I did a little dance and threw those babies right in my online shopping cart. YES PLEASE.

I love how versatile these boots are! They can dress up any pair of jeans or leggings and they look super cute with tights and a dress. Did I mention they are ridiculously comfortable? The perfect day to night shoe! I ordered a 6.5 (I’m usually a 6.5/7) and they fit perfectly! I will say, the shoes are a bit narrow at the toes so if you have wider feet, I would recommend sizing up one size. These boots also come in grey but for some reason they are basically sold out everywhere (Target, you are DESTROYING me inside by not taking them off the website). If anyone sees these boots in grey in a 6.5 please buy them. I will pay you 😉

snapseed-85Can we talk about the tights? I hate the thin, flimsy tights that pull immediately after I put them on. I always find at least 5 holes by the time I’m done wearing them so when I found these tights at Target, I set the bar pretty low. Wow, was I surprised! These tights are waaaaay thicker than traditional sheer tights and they didn’t pull, run, or have any holes after wearing them for a few hours! Way to go, Target, way to go.


Headband | Similar Dresses under $35 herehere and here | Boots | Tights

What I’m Making For Christmas

Found on Pinterest!

If you know me, you know that cooking is not my thing but baking? YEP, I get into it. I freaking love baking and Christmas is no exception!

Saturday (Christmas Eve) is baking day at the Szuman home (I really mean me taking on this baking challenge) and I am PUMPED about the cookie recipes I found on Pinterest this week! You need to check these out!

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies – I didn’t even know this but apparently there are very few recipes that provide instructions on how to make red velvet cookies from scratch. Most recipes call for red velvet cake mix! Well, this recipe is yes, from scratch and sounds heavenly! Also, you caught me. Red velvet cookies are just the best because they are red. How much more festive can you get, right?

Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Glaze – Four words. Maple. cream. cheese. glaze. WHAT. YES. GIMME. The glaze totally sold me. The recipe is so simple and OK wow my mouth is watering just thinking about these cookies. There is just something about cinnamon and oatmeal at this time of year. Doesn’t it sound cozy and warm and festive?! I love it.

Oh, let me be clear. I get into wine like I get into baking. Sangria is my jam. I found this sangria recipe when I was searching for Christmas treats and obviously I pinned it in 3 seconds flat.

Christmas Sangria – This sounds AMAZING. Red wine, Apple cider, cranberries, the list goes on! I seriously cannot wait to make this. Something tells me it will be a hit this year 😉

and finally…

My Favorite Christmas Tunes

I LOVE Christmas music. What better way to count down to Christmas than to share the cheer with some of my favorite Christmas albums and playlists?! Here we go…

  • New discovery: Lauren Daigle-Behold (um, for real though, her voice is an ANGEL)
  • FAVE childhood album: Hanson-Snowed In. If you’re judging this choice, well FINE but you are totally missing out.
  • My all time favorite: Natalie Grant-Believe (how can you NOT dance to her version of ‘Joy to the World?’)
  • Spotify playlists: A Cappella Christmas (love me some Pentatonix) and Christmas Classics!

Be sure to follow me on instagram @polishedonapenny! I will be posting more about my week with my awesome in-laws on my insta-story so stay tuned for our adventures around San Diego!

What do you want to see on the blog in 2017?! Leave your suggestions in the comments below or shoot me an email at!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, fashionistas!

xx Lauren

3 Ways to Style A Little Black Dress

3 Ways to Style A Little Black Dress


I own three black dresses and to be honest, I wear them on an average of once a year… IF that. Almost always, one of the three makes an appearance during the holidays because, duh- it’s fun to be fancy. Well ladies, I took the black dress off the hanger and I styled it 3 different ways just for you!

I call these looks- the cozy, the classy and the just plain sassy!

The Cozy

OH my. To say I’m obsessed with this LuLaRoe sweater could probably be an understatement. The length, the look, I could wear this outfit all day and be the happiest gal alive. I paired this sweater/dress combo with the most adorable suede peep-toe booties EVER (my mom is cringing right now because these are definitely my Christmas gift from her and I definitely took them out of the “not yet wrapped” box for this picture. Love ya mom xoxo). These booties are SO comfy and with a thick, 3 inch heel, they are seriously perfect for hours of wear! What I love about this look is that you could do so much with it! The best part about styling with basics is that you can choose any color or style of jewelry and it would still look amazing. Oh-a scarf would look awesome too! The necklace I’m wearing is thrifted (I think I paid less than $5!), but I linked a similar option for you!


Dress| Booties | Sweater (similar here, here and here) | Necklace  (similar)

I wish I could link the sweater for you! LuLaRoe is sold through independent consultants and unfortunately there is no way to order a certain piece online. My friend is a consultant and if you want to join her group you to buy a similar sweater (or something else!) comment on this post or message me. I would be happy to add you! 

The Classy

I incorporated this look because of it’s classic, chic, never-going-out-of-style look. Normally, a blazer and strappy heels would be the last look I would choose for a Christmas party or holiday event, but when I put the outfit on, to my surprise, I loved it! I felt fabulous-like I was walking the catwalk down E Street with the whole ordeal- lights, cameras, a personal stylist. In all seriousness, this look is perfect for that office party, Christmas Eve church service, or that fancy wedding you have been dreading to buy an outfit for. This look is so versatile, the sky is the limit! I’m going to embarrass myself for a second- I’ve had this blazer since freshman year of college (maybe even earlier but I refuse to look back into my style archives any further). So that’s 8 years in case anyone is wondering. I STILL LOVE IT OK? I do, I really do! Like I said, this look is never going out of style! You could pair this with ANY piece of statement jewelry. These nude heels are my go-to for formal events but you could totally mix it up with black or even a bright, fun, pair of heels and this outfit would look nothing short of amazing. The options are endless, I’m just here to give you some basic inspiration!


Dress| Blazer | Heels (similar here and here)| Necklace (similar) | Bracelet

The Just Plain Sassy

Here it is people. Just plain sassy- my favorite look! Greg always laughs at me when I buy my “edgy” clothing (I determine what “edgy” is in my closet, don’t worry) because I feel so cool in it! My black denim from the previous post- DEFINITELY edgy. So you guessed it- this vest? My edgy heart is bursting with emoji heart eyes over it! I feel like a rockstar. What I love about vests, is that they add texture to any basic item. When you layer items, you can create so many different looks!  I paired this look with my favorite brown ankle booties to show how you absolutely can mix and match brown/black clothing and accessories. The boots I linked are not the actual pair I’m wearing (they are from last season) but I did a review on them in my Target Dressing Room Diaries series AND I just ordered them online today for 50% off with free shipping…SCORE!



 Dress | Vest (similar here  and here) | Booties (similar) | Necklace option under $15 here!

I hope you feel inspired because I sure did while digging through my closet! Ta da! Everything pictured is what I already own. Proof you can create fun and stylish outfits with what you already have… but if you’re in the mood to do a little online shopping, I got you covered too!

Stay frugal and fabulous, fashionistas!

xx Lauren

How to Style a Pop of Color

How to Style a Pop of Color


Oh the holiday season! You know what I love? Everyone breaks out for one month wearing red and black! The colors of the season, baby! Oh and I guess green… but RED, yes, let’s talk about it!

I love bright colors but I’m gonna be honest, I don’t wear them often! I naturally gravitate towards neutrals which if you know me well, is really QUITE funny. In high school…get ready for this… I had leopard print seat covers on ALL of my seats. Yes. It gets better… I didn’t take them off until I graduated college because I decided well, it’s time to grow up. SO THAT’S ME. My taste is so far from neutral it’s hilarious.

When I saw this jacket at H&M a few years (yes, years! STILL my favorite jacket ever) I knew I had to have it. It has never failed me. I think I will probably wear it forever because let’s face it, this beauty is never going out of style!

Let’s get back on track here. How in the world do you pull off a pop of color? Let’s get right to it!

  1. Pick ONE item! I mentioned this tip before on my “styling an outfit centerpiece” post but HEY it’s important and I love it so here it is again. LESS IS MORE PEOPLE, less. is. more. This red coat speaks for itself. Can you even notice what else I paired with it? No. Because this jacket rocks.
  2. Pair your pop of color with neutrals. Black pairs so well with bright, warm colors such as reds, pinks and yellows! Brown/tan pairs really well with cool colors such as blue, green and purple! Gray and white are pretty versatile neutrals and will generally compliment most colors really well. I chose to pair this jacket with a fun turtleneck dress (I just folded it over to make it a little shorter!), black denim and my favorite chelsea boots!
  3. Pair your pop with accessories! I choose to accentuate my red jacket with some bright, red lipstick! It’s pretty subtle, but it offers just enough red to tie the outfit together. I love using lipstick to make my outfits pop with color. My go-to brand is NYX. For $6, you get an awesome matte lipstick that stays on all day long PLUS you can buy it at CVS (I’m pretty sure most pharmacies carry it) and my favorite store, Ulta!



Jacket options under $55 here, here and here: | Denim (actual and affordable option): Turtleneck | Boots | Scarf | Sunnies (similar) | Lipstick | Nails (I had some questions about it in my last post!)

Only two weeks until Christmas and to celebrate, I have some fun, festive, and frugal friendly looks coming your way!

Happy weekend, fashionistas!

xx Lauren

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

You know what I hate doing? Buying basics. Seriously. Coming home from a day of shopping with a few tees in white, black and grey just sounds so unexciting…are you with me?! I wear the same basics over and over because the last thing I want to do is spend the little “shopping money” I have on a plain colored tee or another pair of jeans. UGH. Naturally, this entire post is on basics because these days I have had to get creative with my closet to make new outfits out of well, basic pieces from my wardrobe. You guys, I haven’t gone like ACTUAL shopping in the longest time. I’m not going to lie, I’m dying inside (just a little though but promise I’m mostly OK 😉 ) and I have to admit, these basics have saved me from a few outfit meldtowns (I’m just being real here) over the last few months.

Meet: the denim jacket, the grey basic tee (5+ years strong), the black infinity scarf that never disappoints, the black jeans that I basically live in, and finally… the brown ankle boots that I wear 6 out of 7 days a week. THERE IT IS.

What can you do with all of these pieces? Well, BASICally anything 🙂


Let’s start with the scarf. Colored scarf, flannel scarf, patterned scarf- easypeasy! No scarf? Easily replace with a statement necklace of your choice!

The tee- the options are endless! Pick a color, any color and voila! New look, new day. I thought about mixing this look up with a fun striped or patterned tee. You do you, girl.


The boots- what I love about this look is that the shoes can define how casual or dressy you make this look! You could pair this outfit with converses (white converses are on my Christmas list!) or any sneaker for a fun casual look, heeled booties if you’re looking for a more stylish and dressy style, or even stiletto heels because why not? This look could easily be morphed into a night on the town or a shopping day with the girls! Up to you! My mom actually found these Franco Sarto leather booties for me on one of our shopping trips last winter at DSW on clearance for $35!

 The jeans- I’m a believer in high quality purchases after wearing these for a year. I found these Frame black jeans at Nordstrom Rack for $59…originally $200! They fit perfectly and have NEVER I mean never stretched out or gotten weird or worn in any way. I’m still obsessed. I found them on sale (still, expensive) to link them for you just in case you’re interested, but if not, I have WAY more affordable options for you too!! OH and black denim goes with just about anything. YES, you can wear brown boots with black denim! You could totally switch up this outfit with white jeans or colored pants. The options are endless!


Throw in an adorable beanie for a pop of color and you are ready for whatever the day throws at you (don’t quote me on that…)


Denim jackets under $35 here and here | Scarf (similar), $12 | Denim: exact and similar (under $35) | Boots under $45 here and here | Tee, $9 | Beanie, $8

For more styling options click on my personalized shopping page! I linked a few more scarves that could look awesome with this outfit as well as more jacket and tee options!

Until next time! Xx 

LuLaRoe Leggings Review

LuLaRoe Leggings Review

OK OK let me preface this post by telling you that I was not interested in LuLaRoe at all until recently. I had heard about the company before (I only knew about the leggings) and frankly I just didn’t understand the hype… until I finally broke down and bought my first pair of leggings.

When my friend and sorority sis (shoutout to DG woo!) started selling LuLaRoe I thought, “hey, I’ve done direct sales, I get it, I’ll support her business” and then I made my next mistake… I thought to myself, “I probably won’t even like them so I’ll just buy one pair and that will be it forever.” So I did what any logical person would do, I found the most (in my opinion) outrageous pair of leggings I liked and I bought them. HA.

Let me just start by saying, BELIEVE THE HYPE (I’m literally wearing them right now and I took these pictures over a week ago). When I put these babies on for the first time, OH WOW, seriously the most comfortable leggings/pants I have EVER put on my body- no joke!! They describe the leggings as feeling like butter and so let me confirm for you, YES, they feel like butter and amazingness.

What I think is really fun is that only 5,000 pieces are made in a certain print, so basically you could have leggings that no one else in your state or city has! Pretty cool! LuLaRoe also makes dresses, cardigans and tops (haven’t tried them) but I will just point that out!


  1. The adult leggings are $25 and come in two sizes- OS (one size= sizes 2-10) and TC (tall and curvy= sizes 12-22)  I’m 5ft tall and the OS leggings are a tiny bit big on me. They come up a little over my belly button which doesn’t bother me and they have some extra fabric at my ankles. Keep in mind, I’m used to things being big on me because well, I’m extremely short. LLR does make tween sizes so (yes, it’s embarrassing) I think I might have to try them out for length.
  2. In order to keep the quality of the leggings in tact, you have to wash the leggings inside out on a cold, gentle cycle and hang to dry. That means I probably can’t just throw them into my “everything loads” which is me trying to get through laundry day as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will see how it goes!


LuLaRoe leggings cost $25. I have been buying leggings from Victoria’s Secret PINK for years now (which apparently now cost between $20 and $70! Seriously?) and let’s be real- they stretch out (especially in the knees) within five minutes of wearing them. It drives me CRAZY. The LLR leggings haven’t stretched out yet and I have worn them at least 5 times in the past two weeks! I also own leggings from Target (another pair that stretch immediately after washing) and Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart pairs are slightly see-through apparently (I found out after wearing them to the gym so that’s cool…) and these are not at all.

I have seen so many cute outfits styled with LuLaRoe pieces but honestly I had a really hard time matching anything to these leggings (totally my fault for buying colors that don’t match what I have in my closet) but I did pair them with my absolute favorite sweatshirt of all time (you need one, you just do! I wear it weekly) and my favorite v-neck tee! I tried pattern mixing with my floral sneakers and I’m pretty happy with the result!

snapseed-58img_4788-1snapseed-57SHOP THE POST:

Sweatshirt, $20 |  Tee, $9 | Sneakers, $17 (similar print) | Sunnies under $20 (similar here and here) |

My overall opinion? I’m buying more. Beware- the addiction is REAL. What are your thoughts? Have you tried LuLaRoe in the past?

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Christmas Cheer to Wear!

Christmas Cheer to Wear!

Well ladies, here we are! The turkey is long gone and Black Friday sales are coming to an end. I think it’s safe to call in ALL the holiday cheer because this week we begin our 25 day countdown to CHRISTMAS! It’s finally here again! Greg and I have no shame, our Christmas tree was up less than 24 hours after Thanksgiving. We go all out for Christmas-the festive candle is lit, the tree is glowing, and we have already watched Frozen! It’s happening. What better way to ring in this holiday season with… 70 degree weather. YEP. Let me just tell you, the holidays feel WAY different when it’s warm out and when we are 3,000 miles away from our closest family and friends. So, here’s my take on channeling some Christmas cheer in some not-so-wintery San Diego weather!

I’ll let you in on my first secret-this green shirt is actually a dress. I’ve had it for about a year now and just couldn’t style it in a way that I liked, until now! Introducing, my favorite scarf of all time… the oversized flannel scarf! There are SO MANY reasons why I love this scarf! It’s soft, reversible (I mean come on, who doesn’t love anything reversible?) and I could use it as a blanket if I wanted to. It’s the perfect accessory to this cute and comfy cowl neck dress. What I love about this combo is that you can throw on a long cardigan or jacket and BOOM, cold weather ready!snapseed-56snapseed-55Let’s talk about these jeans. I bought them at Nordstrom Rack on the clearance rack for about $9. Yes, $9! I didn’t like the small, awkward hole in the knee so I cut it and voila! Ripped jeans for the win! I couldn’t find anything with quite the same bargain to link for you, but I posted the most similar pair I could find!

snapseed-54snapseed-53THE SHOES. Oh my. It was love at first sight of the clearance rack. $17 well spent at Target over the summer! These shoes are so dang comfortable it’s crazy. Best part? Target has a similar pair in stock right now with a closed toe for all my winter people!

All of the items I linked are similar items to what I’m wearing because like most of my outfits, I buy pieces and style them a bunch of different ways over an extended period of time!



Dress under $20 (similar here and here )| Jeans, $54 (these are the same brand I’m wearing) | Bag, $25 | Scarf, $23| Shoes under $35 (similar here (winter option!) here and here)


Cardigans under $25 herehere and here

So there you have it, some outfit inspiration to channel your inner-Christmas kid! I’m getting ready to feature some holiday party looks on the blog. Let me know what you want to see in the comments!

To continue shopping my favorite items online, head over to my personalized shopping page! I update it weekly with my current blog post items, similar pieces, and my favorite clothes, shoes and accessories from my favorite stores available now!

Black Friday Shopping Guide 2016

Black Friday Shopping Guide 2016

Turkey day is one day away which means Black Friday is right around the corner! Man, did that sneak up on me! I’m so excited to share with you my ultimate Black Friday Shopping Guide! I’ve put together 100 items under $50 from FIVE of my favorite stores to bring you the easiest (and seriously the most fun) way to shop from your couch on Black Friday!
You can shop my favorite items directly on my new shopping page! I have five albums for Target, TJ Maxx, H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy for you to browse through and shop your favorites. PLUS, you can set up your own sale alerts right from my page and you will be notified when your favorites are on sale! How cool is that?! I will be continuing to update my shopping guide right up until Thursday at midnight to bring you the best clothes, shoes and accessories with the best bang for your buck!
Click this link to go to my personalized shopping page:

Get excited!!! I know I am! As items sell out (I know they are already with all of the sales), I will do the best I can to link similar items for you! Stay with me… Black Friday is one beast of a day!

Shop this post:

How to style an outfit “centerpiece”

How to style an outfit “centerpiece”

Hi Ladies!!

Thanks to many of you, back in May, I asked what you want to see on the blog, and you answered!! You asked, “Where do you start when you put an outfit together? Do you have an outfit ‘centerpiece?”

Today is all about how to put an outfit together using one piece of clothing as the focal point. I think we have all had that moment, the moment where we see a piece of clothing in the store that you just have to have. Or those shoes that are just BEGGING you to take them home. Or even that handbag, you know, the one you have had your eye on for months but just don’t know how to style it, well, fear no more!!

My closet is a good mix of classic pieces to mix and match and a bunch of awesome clothing and accessories that are just dying to be the focal point of my outfit. This week, I pulled out one of my favorite pieces, a gorgeous patterned kimono from Nordstrom Rack, and styled it two different ways to show you how to showcase your favorite fun pieces with basic clothing, shoes and accessories!

So let’s get down to business…

How to style an outfit centerpiece:

  1. Choose 1 item to be the focal point of the outfit. A fun pattern or a funky necklace goes a long way! Adding too many “things” to an outfit could overpower what you are trying to showcase! Step 1 is choose 1!
  2. Pair your centerpiece item with basic clothing and accessories. Blue and black denim are so versatile and can be paired with basically anything without looking for attention! I love mixing and matching outfits with basic tees and tanks. My go-to colors for basics are grey, white and black- you can seriously never go wrong! I wear them all the time. For real!
  3. Don’t buy clothing just to match the item…unless you want to! Get creative with what’s in your closet! So often, it’s assumed that  we can only wear our “centerpiece” items with certain pieces that we have to specifically purchase. NOT true!


This first outfit is styled with my favorite skinny jeans, brown ankle boots, my go-to basic tee and my every day crossbody bag. I wear ALL of these items with EVERYTHING in my closet. Seriously. Everything. I didn’t buy a single item to wear with this kimono.


 Boots (similar here and here) | Denim | Tee (similar here and here) | Kimono: Some favorites here, here and here!


The second outfit is styled with my favorite caged heels from the summer (thanks a bunch, TJ Maxx!), the best shorts ever, and my go-to basic tee! I might have broken my own rule with this necklace… turquoise is a neutral just take my word for it 😉


Shorts (similar here and here) |  Caged heels (similar here  and here) | Crossbody (similar here and here )  Necklace: Isn’t it awesome? Made by one of my colleagues who is so talented! This is what it was styled after (warning, it’s expensive.) Here is a budget friendly option!
What are your thoughts or questions?! Post them below! Do you have a favorite piece from your closet that you need help styling?! I want to know!
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Dressing Room Diaries: Target Edition Part 3

Dressing Room Diaries: Target Edition Part 3


We made it! Part 3 of my dressing room diaries is here! I have to say, Target has SHOCKED me with quality and style this fall. Don’t get me wrong, I have always had a thing for Target, but this season they seriously upped their game! I’m excited to feature the final two outfits styled head to toe with some of my favorite pieces from Target’s fall collection, including my new favorite brand, Knox Rose! This week, it’s all about the neutrals!

Fringe. Yep, it’s still in and YEP I still love it. This style has been popping up all over the place in the last year and when I saw Target finally carried it, I was sold! The sweater felt heavy enough to wear on it’s own, but light enough to layer underneath for colder days! I love love LOVE the button detail and the way the fringe wraps around the front of the sweater! There are so many ways to style this sweater but here’s what I chose…

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Look at these two-toned boots. Look at them!! Grey is the best because it’s so easy to style with colors and other neutrals! I love two-toned neutral shoes and accessories because they are so versatile and can be styled with pretty much anything! These ankle boots did not disappoint. They have a relatively high heel (about 5 inches) which I probably wouldn’t wear every day, but they would be great to dress up any outfit for a day to night look! Super comfortable and true to size (I’m wearing a 7 and they fit perfectly).You CAN wear black and brown together…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Processed with Snapseed.

Sweater, $30 | Boots, $38 | Denim, $28 | Hat, $17 | Handbag, $45

So get this. This next sweater is called the “cold shoulder”. I LOVE IT. I felt sassy and stylish as soon as I put this baby on. It’s like Target knew San Diego needed a turtle neck with air holes… haha! All jokes aside, this would be a staple in my closet if I lived anywhere other than San Diego. I’m obsessed! It’s SO comfortable and fun and added just the right amount of flair to this neutral look. I’m wearing a size small (I usually size up one size with sweaters just for comfort). Often, I have issues with sleeves being way too long, but even the sleeves fit perfectly!


Processed with Snapseed.

I decided to pair this outfit with a black crossbody bag and the two-toned ankle boots. Mixing and matching neutrals is so fun and a total money saver. A few key neutral pieces goes a long way!

Processed with Snapseed.

Sweater, $28 | Denim, $28 | Crossbody, $40 | Boots, $38

So there you have it, six outfits completely styled head to toe from Target!!

Missed Part 1 or Part 2? Check em out and let me know what you think! What are your favorite pieces from Target this season?!

Happy Weekend, fashionistas!

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Dressing Room Diaries: Target Edition Part 2

Dressing Room Diaries: Target Edition Part 2



Welcome back!

What a week it has been! Thank you to all of you who have shared your excitement with me about my blog being back up and in action! It means so much! I have loved hearing the surprised comments about how Target can actually be trendy… YUP, it’s real!

So as promised, here is Part 2 of my Target #dressingroomdiaries! Missed Part 1? Check it out here!

I have two more COMPLETELY STYLED outfits from Target for you today! In my last post, we talked about the boho trend. Flowy shirts and dresses, and fun floppy hats! To add to the description of this trend, I have seen a TON of oversized sweaters in various lengths. I’m going to be honest right now, I LOVE it. Long and oversized sweaters are oh so comfy, while still holding true to the current style! Check out this Knox Rose sweater (back at it again with Knox Rose!). The embroidery detail drew me right in and when I put this baby on- oh wow. Seriously one of the most comfortable sweaters I have tried on in a while! It’s super light and actually considered a thermal layering sweater which is PERFECT for this San Diego weather that I’m still adjusting to. I’m 5ft tall so the sweater (XS) did touch my ankles, but I would say knee-length is probably a more realistic fit for anyone taller than me… which is basically everyone 🙂

Processed with Snapseed.I styled this sweater with a blush, ruffled blouse. I loved the ruffled detail- it caught my eye and the blush really complimented the brown and pink of the sweater! BUT, I’m not going to lie- I did not like the way the blouse looked on me without the sweater. It was boxy and so not flattering on me! I can’t tell you that I would buy it, because I wouldn’t- mostly because I could never wear it on its own (it would look a lot better on women with a longer torso. If that’s you- try it!). Here’s what I would pair this sweater with from my current closet: V-neck, scoop neck.

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Sweater, $35 | Blouse, $23 | Denim, $28: Boots, $28 | Handbag, $45

Lace-up shirts are all.the.rage. right now. FOR REAL. Try going to the mall and NOT seeing one. You can’t. It’s impossible. So I gave in and tried one…and I didn’t hate it!!! I love this style on other people but I have always been afraid of them because my torso is so short and well let’s just say I’m lacking in the chest department. I was pleasantly surprised by this one! The shirt was definitely tight (I’m wearing an XS)- so if you don’t usually like tight clothing, you might not like this one…but take a step out of your comfort zone and try! The lace-up detail didn’t sit too low on my body which I appreciated. I would definitely wear a strapless bra with it!

I paired this shirt with a fun denim skirt! I love that denim skirts are back on the market. The buttons on this skirt were what initially caught my eye! I’m wearing a size 2 and it definitely felt loose around my waist. I could size down one size for sure. The length of the skirt is great. Not too short and not too long. Kind of has a high waisted effect and it gives this look an edge!

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SO ok I totally felt “edgy” and loved it. So why not go all out? These boots were a little out of my comfort zone but they totally worked! A little combat, lace up boot with a heel? Target is full of surprises! I’m usually a 6.5/7 shoe size and unfortunately the Target I was shopping at, only had a 7.5 left in stock. While they weren’t huge, they definitely could have been smaller. A size 7 would have been perfect!

Can we talk about this bag? You know how much I love tassels! This does not disappoint! It was roomier than most crossbody bags and had a great adjustable strab! It’s the same brand, A+ as the cognac tote I featured in Part 1 of this series  and I’m hooked! I’m always looking for great neutral bags and this one fit everything I was looking for!

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Shirt, $17 | Skirt, $20 | Boots, $45 Crossbody bag, $40

So there you have it! Another excuse to hit up your local Target… as if you needed one.

Questions about styling? Leave your comments and questions below!!

Enjoy the weekend, fashionistas!

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